Raw Milk bottle drawing.jpeg

Fresh, raw milk

Happy and healthy cows produce healthy milk. We take good care of our cows, which means the milk they give us is delicious, nutritious and safe to drink unpasteurised. Because the only processing we do is to strain and chill our cows’ milk, it retains all its natural goodies - including vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and minerals. And we think it tastes a whole lot better this way too.

Regenerative agri drawing .jpeg

Regenerative agriculture

We believe that we farm better when we work with nature. We take a regenerative approach to farming, which means we promote plant and soil health through biodiversity and the balance of natural systems. We’re inspired by permaculture, biodynamics and organic farming, and bring all these ideas together to create a farm that has a positive regenerative effect on our land and local environment. - doing more good rather than less bad.

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Community-supported agriculture

We’re excited to join Stroud’s existing community-supported agriculture (CSA) family. As you might already know, CSA is about creating a partnership between farmers and customers, and building transparency, sustainability and resilience into our food system. Simply put, we talk, know and support each other, and we use a community membership model to run our little farm.