You help us get started and allow us to become resilient. Your help and feedback will be invaluable as we build and shape this fledgling farm.

Raw milk is a challenge: if a cow tests positive for TB milk is pasteurised for 120 days to adhere to governmental regulations - till the farm passes two more tests.  We firmly believe that TB risk is reduced by age-old practices and cow health but if we must pasteurise we will need your support. A small farm selling raw milk cannot weather TB. A community supported farm can.

Your support allows us to produce raw milk, yoghurt and kefir at affordable prices that allows us to care for land, animals and farmers.

When joining as a member, we’ll provide you with delicious raw dairy products that you can trust will have a positive impact on our earth’s soils and your health



1. PICK UP YOUR WEEKLY SHARE OF RAW MILK, WILD YOGURT AND RAW MILK KEFIR -  from the farm, on the day that you have chosen and at a time that suits you.

2. JOIN US FOR A QUARTERLY SOCIAL - not an obligation but an invitation. We would love to catch up about the farm, what you liked and how you thought we could improve - and do that over a beverage. It would be lovely to get to know you better and in time build a community.

3. VISIT THE FARM - It is a gem of an opportunity to milk so close to Stroud so come along, meet the cows, see them being milked, walk the land and ask lots of questions!

4. HELP ON THE FARM - for those that are keen there will be plenty of opportunities to get those hands dirty.

5. JOIN IN THE ADVENTURE - A milk CSA is very new to the UK (we know of only one other) so your feedback really important as it will help us to develop our CSA into something that is solid, practical, really works for members and provides a great alternative to the supermarket. 


1. DECIDE ON YOUR ANNUAL SHARE. Have a think how much milk, yoghurt or kefir you want a week, which you will receive for a year.

2. REGISTER YOUR SHARE. Follow the links below to subscribe to your share and decide on the day of the week that you wish to pick your share. Shares are annual and payment is quarterly in advance and automatic.  We will bring on each member (and it is first come first serve) as the cows calve and our milk supply increases. As we are just starting out, once you do start your share we will take the weeks where you have waiting for the cows to calve off the next bill.

3. PICK UP YOUR SHARE. The first time you do, we will be there to walk you through it - we will contact you to arrange this. We will provide you with your own milk bottles and a code to access the dispensing machine and fridge.