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We look forward to seeing you on the farm soon and we will be in touch to keep you informed on how the cows are doing, when they calve, when the registration with the Food Standard Agency is completed (usually 10-14 days after the first cow calves and when your first pix up will be. We will bring on each member on a first come first serve basis as the cows calve and our milk supply increases. Once you start your share we will take the weeks where you have waiting for the cows to calve off the next bill.  

If you have any questions or have not received an automatic email confirmation of your share purchase please give me a ring on 07594533648 or email me on

Also eat Yogurt or drink Kefir? Apply for a Wild Yogurt Share and/or a Raw Milk Kefir Share below.

Being more in tune grass and cows than one's and zero's we are still working on how to set up Milk, Kefir and Yogurt all on the same share via an on online quote tool. For now it will be a separate share. Thank you for your patience :)